DriverMAGIC Professional Edition

DriverMAGIC Professional Edition 1.1

Driver management utility
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RubyMicro Software

DriverMAGIC has been designed to make all that in the past was not possible with computer drivers, now not only possible, but simple! Have you ever wished you could while you were in your device manager, simply right click and copy the driver to a folder, yes? We take this three steps ahead, in to the 21st century where DriverMAGIC not only copies the drivers you have requested in a matter of seconds, but also now can build them into a EXE installer called the DriverXPRESS client. Which additionally supports powerful data compression and error correction to make sure those drivers you copy are secure and as efficient as possible? Imagine the ability to disable drivers instantly, preventing windows from re-installing or re-using a specific driver, thereby assisting you with optimizing, conflict preventing and maintaining those nasty old drivers so the new ones run without conflicts. Then imagine the ability to automatically restore the old drivers with instantly returning them to their original state and even re-installing them for you automatically!

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